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Chapter 8: Election Expenditure

The entire expenditure on actual conduct of elections to Lok sabha is borne by Government of India and such expenditure on conduct of election to State Legislatures by the respective State Governments when such elections are held independently. If concurrent election to Lok Sabha and State Legislative Assembly is held then the expenditure is shared between Central and respective State Governments.

Expenditure incurred on items of common concern to the Central and the State Governments like expenditure on regular election establishment, preparation and revision of electoral roll etc. is shared on 50:50 basis irrespective of whether such expenditure is incurred in connection with the elections to the Lok Sabha or State Legislatures. Even if election is to Lok Sabha, expenditure towards law & order maintenance is born by respective State Governments only.

8.2 Expenditure Monitoring

Expenditure ceiling has been specified for contesting candidates. Preventive action is undertaken to curb the illegal expenditure. Components of legal expenditure are regulated under section 10 A, section 77 and section 78 of the Representation of People Act, 1951.

The Commission has disqualified several contesting candidates for failure to lodge expenditure for a period of three years under section 10 A.

8.1 Election Expenditure by Central Government (Towards States/UTs having Legislature) for Lok Sabha Elections


N. Graph: Disqualification of contesting candidates for failure to lodge expenditure accounts
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