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Chapter 2: President of India

A person who is a citizen of India, has completed 35 years of age and is qualified for election as a member of the House of People, is eligible for election as President of India. He/she should not hold any office of profit under the Government of India or the government of any State or under any local or other authority subject to the control of any of said governments. The President of India is elected by members of an Electoral College consisting of {a} the elected by the members of both the House of Parliament and {b} the elected members of the Legislative Assemblies of the State and the Union Territories with Legislative Assembly {namely NCT of Delhi and UT of Puducherry}. Nominated members are not included in the Electoral College.

Value of vote for each of the members of the Electoral College is decided based on the population census of 1971 and it will continue to be so till population of the first census after 2026 have been published. As stipulated in the Constitution {Article 55}, as far as practicable, uniformity is ensured in the scale of representation of the different States. Thereby value of votes differs from State to State.

The elections1 are held in accordance with the system of Proportional Representation by means of single transferable vote. Each elector has as many preferences as there are candidates. Term of office of the President of India is 5 years. Shri Pranab Mukherjee assumed office as the 13th President of India on 25th July 2012.

1 The Presidential and Vice Presidential Elections Act, 1952 and the Presidential and Vice Presidential Elections Rules 1974

2.1 Presidents of India
2.2 Schedule of Presidential Elections
2.3 Electoral Participation in Presidential Elections
2.4 Value of Votes of 2012 Presidential Elections
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