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Chapter 13: Miscellaneous

Population estimates are prepared by RGI and Census Commissioner, Government of India. Gap in registration has been estimated for the year 2017 based on the population estimates and the actual registration to the electoral roll after Final Publication of the roll in January 2017. To estimate the eligible elector population for the year 2017, the 15+ cohort of Sample Registration System of RGI, 2014 was used to get % population in different age groups.Estimated population for 2014 has been segregated based on these percentages to arrive at estimated population in these age groups.

Eligible elector population and the estimated total population in the country for a year is presented as Elector Population (EP) ratio. For the year 2017, the EP Ratio is 72%.

13.1 Distribution of Population, Sex Ratio, Density And Decadal Growth Rate of Population (census-2011)
13.2 Age wise Population estimates for 2014
13.3 Gap in registration in the electoral roll, 2017
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