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Photo Gallery and Videos

Photo Gallery - Chief Election Commissioner
Photo Gallery - Former Chief Election Commissioners
Photo Gallery - Former Election Commissioners
Pictures of International Delegation visits
Photo Gallery - 4th A-WEB Executive Board Meeting, February 2016
Photo Gallery - 2nd A-WEB General Assembly, August 2015
Photo Gallery - AAEA Executive Board meeting on 15thSeptember 2015
Commission signing due Constitution notification on 18.05.2014
Matdata Mahotsav- Jan 2016
Matdata Mahotsav- Jan 2015
JEP Workshop at IIIDEM- March 2015
Seminar on Finance & Functioning- March 2015
Photographs of National Consultation on Political Finance - March 2015
Launch of India Votes Book
National Voters' Day 2015
International Conference on Voter Education for Inclusive, Informed & Ethical Participation
Pictures of ASEAN Delegation visits
Pictures of 2016 U.S. Elections Organization (GEO-7) Conference
Pictures of Afghanistan Delegation visited Election Commission of India on 8th December, 2016
Pictures of National Interactive Conference on Electoral Laws
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