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Lok Sabha Election Expenditure


EXPENDITURE INCURRED (Provisional)(in Rs.)

1952 10,45,00,000
1957 5,90,00,000
1962 7,32,00,000
1967 10,79,69,000
1971 11,60,87,450
1977 23,03,68,000
1980 54,77,39,000
1984 81,51,34,000
1989 154,22,00,000
1991 359,10,24,679
1996 597,34,41,000
1998 666,22,16,000*
1999 880,00,00,000 **
2004 1300,00,00,000***
* Including the demand of election expenditure incurred on Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra (Maharashtra had asked for Rs. 84 crores and Andhra Pradesh for 57 crores. Ministry of Law has already released 60 percent (approx.) of the amount and balance would be released after the audit is over.
** Approximately. The final figure is known only after the accounts are reconciled/adjusted between the Center and all the States.
*** Provisional Source : Ministry of Law, Justice and Company Affairs Legislative Department), New Delhi

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