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Instructions Related to Electoral-Rolls & EPIC

10.10.2012Summary revision of last part of electoral rolls relating to service voters with reference to 01/01/2013 as the qualifying date.
31.12.2011Special revision of electoral roll w.r.t 1.1.2012 – special campaign for enrolment of eligible electors of age group of 18 to 19 years - regarding
24.12.2011Special revision of electoral roll w.r.t 1.1.2012 – final publication – regarding.
14.11.2011Disposal of Claims/Objections during the revision process and printing of supplements in case any bye election or municipal elections are announced meanwhile – regarding.
06.01.2010Mandatory preparatory steps to be taken by CEOs, DEOs, and EROs for revision of Electoral Rolls
06.01.2010Presentation on E-Rolls related to uniformity, standardization and integrated database.
29.05.2009Insertion of new Rule 24A in Registration of Electors Rules 1960 Preparation of electoral roll for pre-delimited constituencies.
02.04.2009Preparation of Marked copies of electoral rolls - Regarding.
19.03.2009General Election to Lok Sabha 2009 - continuous updation of electoral rolls - regarding
10.02.2009Revision of electoral rolls - claims and objections - regarding.
09.02.2009Appointment of Booth Level Agents (BLA) - Regarding
04.02.1009Remuneration of Booth Level Officers
30.01.2009Election Management in Metropolitan Cities.
06.01.2009Revision of Electoral Rolls - Appointment of Roll Observers - Regarding.
06.01.2009Revision of Electoral Rolls - Appointment of Roll Observers - Regarding.
28.12.2008Special campaign for enrollment of Service Voters and proxy voting facility
28.11.2008Appointment of Booth Level Agents (BLAs) by recognised political parties during revision of Electoral Rolls
19.11.2008Appointment of Booth Level Agents (BLAs) by recognised political parties during revision of Electoral Rolls
03.10.2008Format for Review and Analysis of Electoral Rolls Revision - 2009
03.10.2008Mandatory preparatory steps to be taken by CEOs, DEOs and EROs for revision of electoral rolls with reference to 01.01.09 as the qualifying date
18.09.2008Retention of old EPIC numbers for new/duplicate EPICs and maintenance and upkeep of photo-roll image database.
08.08.2008Integration, carrying out corrections, printing and sharing of photo-rolls with political parties and contesting candidates.
05.06.2008Clarification regarding the print format of electoral rolls after new delimitation - regarding
13.05.2008Special revision to be undertaken for newly delimited constituencies and or preparation of photo electoral rolls - regarding.
12.05.2008Revision of Electoral Rolls as per the newly Delimited Constituencies - Clarification Regarding.
09.05.2008Rationalisation of Polling Stations - Regarding
06.11.2007Printing of electoral rolls -Supply of copies to recognized political parties, their candidates,and preparation of Marked copy of electrol roll - regarding.
05.11.2007Preparation of electoral roll in alphabetical order - Regarding.
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