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1.     Election Commission of India has decided to call a meeting of all recognized National and State political parties to hold consultations on the implementation of the Supreme Court judgment dated 05.07.2013 in SLP(C ) No.21455 of 2008 and TC No.112 of 2011- S.Subramaniam Balaji Vs Government of Tamil Nadu and Others in the matter of  framing guidelines on manifestos of Political Parties. The date for such a meeting will be fixed very soon. The Commission has in the meanwhile sent  a copy of  the judgment to the recognized parties for their information and firming up of the views.

2.       The Commission has taken note of the Supreme Court directions that it should frame guidelines regarding the election manifestos of political parties. It has decided  to seek the views of the political parties  in the matter before taking up further action.

3.      The Commission will shortly circulate a background paper in the matter among the political parties. In preparation for this, the Commission has started making efforts to compile available  national and international views and practices on this subject.

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