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Assam ceo_assam@eci.gov.in
Bihar ceo_bihar@eci.gov.in
Chhattisgarh ceo_chhattisgarh@eci.gov.in
Goa ceo_goa@eci.gov.in
Gujarat ceo_gujarat@eci.gov.in
Haryana ceo_haryana@eci.gov.in
Himachal Pradesh ceo_himachalpradesh@eci.gov.in
J & K ceo_jammukashmir@eci.gov.in
Jharkhand ceo_jharkhand@eci.gov.in
Karnataka ceo_karnataka@eci.gov.in
Kerala ceo_kerala@eci.gov.in
Madhya Pradesh ceo_madhyapradesh@eci.gov.in
Maharashtra ceo_maharashtra@eci.gov.in
Manipur ceo_manipur@eci.gov.in
Meghalaya ceo_meghalaya@eci.gov.in
Mizoram ceo_mizoram@eci.gov.in
Nagaland ceo_nagaland@eci.gov.in
Orissa ceo_orissa@eci.gov.in
Punjab ceo_punjab@eci.gov.in
Rajasthan ceo_rajasthan@eci.gov.in
Sikkim ceo_sikkim@eci.gov.in
TamilNadu ceo_tamilnadu@eci.gov.in
Telangana ceo-telangana@eci.gov.in
Tripura ceo_tripura@eci.gov.in
Uttranchal ceo_uttaranchal@eci.gov.in
Uttar Pradesh ceo_uttarpradesh@eci.gov.in
West Bengal ceo_westbengal@eci.gov.in
A & N Islands ceo_andaman@eci.gov.in
Chandigarh ceo_chandigarh@eci.gov.in
Daman & Diu ceo_daman@eci.gov.in
Dadra &Nagar Haveli ceo_dadra@eci.gov.in
NCT of Delhi ceo_delhi@eci.gov.in
Lakshadweep ceo_lakshadweep@eci.gov.in
Pondicherry ceo_pondicherry@eci.gov.in

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