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Bye-Election 2018
Current Issues
Clarification regarding conduct of mock poll during commissioning of EVMs and VVPATs – regarding.
Supply of specially designed pens for marking preference in ballot paper in elections to Rajya Sabha and Legislative Councils – regarding. (English / हिंदी)
Instructions of Use of Electronic Voting Machines (EVM) with Voter Verifiable Paper Audit trail (VVPAT) system – regarding. (English / हिंदी)
Supply of Thermal Paper Roll & Battery Pack for VVPAT and FLC of VVPAT- fixing the price thereof- regarding.
Mandatory verification of VVPAT paper slips – Pilot Testing – regarding.
Setting up of Rapid Response Mechanism in all CEOs officers towards media reporting regarding ECI-EVMs or VVPATs.
Instructions on use of EVMs with Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail system (VVPAT)- regarding (English / हिंदी)
Counting of VVPAT paper slips in case of CU failure to display result –reg.
Due Constitution Notification Tripura (English / हिंदी)
Due Constitution Notification Nagaland (English / हिंदी)
Press Releases
NEQ 2018 draws to a close with Sunday Grand Finale
IIIDEM organizes 3-Day Consultation/Study Tour for the Delegation from the Independent National Election Commission of Madagascar (English / हिंदी)
IIIDEM organizes 12-day training programme on 'Capacity Development for Election Management' for ITEC countries, in association with MEA (English / हिंदी)
Dissemination of Trends and Results of GE to Legislative Assemblies of Tripura, Meghalaya and Nagaland. (English / हिंदी)
Biennial Elections to the Council of States to fill the seats of members retiring in April-May 2018 and a bye-election to the Council of States from the State of Kerala. (English / हिंदी)
Schedule for bye-election to fill casual vacancies in the Lok Sabha from Parliamentary Constituencies of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh and in the State Legislative Assembly of Bihar – Regarding. (English / हिंदी)
IIIDEM organizes 4-Day Consultation/Study Tour for Delegation from Independent National Electoral Commission of Nigeria (English / हिंदी)
Permanent representatives to the UN from 11 countries visit Election Commission of India (English / हिंदी)
Systematic Voters’ Education and Electoral Participation:
India National Document (2009-2014)

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