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National Voters' Day (25th January) 2015-reg. ( English /Hindi )
General Election to the Lok Sabha, 2014- Treatment of Security Personnel who sustain injury/fall sick during election duty- Regarding.(English / Hindi)
De-novo Intensive Revision of last part of electoral rolls relating to service personnel with reference to 1st January, 2015 as the qualifying date. (English / Hindi)
Submission of Election Expenditure statement- reminders to defaulting political parties (English / Hindi)
General Election to the State Legislative Assembly of Jharkhand & Jammu & Kashmir- Commission's order regarding ban on Exit Poll. (English and Hindi)
Bye-Elections to the Uttar Pradesh Legislative Council from Kanpur Division Graduates' Constituency.
De-novo revision of last part of Electoral Rolls.(English / Hindi)
Bangladesh MPs visit Election Commission Impressed by Indian Electronic Voting Machine (English / Hindi)
Bye-elections to the Council of States from Haryana.(English / Hindi)
General election to Legislative Assemblies of Jharkhand and Jammu & Kashmir,2014- Media Coverage during the period referred to in Section 126 of RP Act, 1951 and Section 133 of the J&K RP Act, 1957.(English / Hindi)
General Election to Legislative Assemblies of Jharkhand and Jammu & Kashmir 2014- Allotment of Broadcast / Telecast time to Political Parties -regarding (English / Hindi)
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